Dutchess County’s Best Ice Cream

Dutchess County's Best Ice Cream

Hey, what’s up everybody, it’s Stacey Storino from Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill!

Ever wonder what opening up a multiple award-winning ice cream stand like ours for the season looks like?

Want to know WHY you should care?

Then stay tuned…

…and make sure that you read until the end so that YOU can learn how to save BIG at Joe’s AND get the inside scoop on some of the hottest ice cream trends in the industry too!  

Opening Day for Dutchess County’s Best Ice Cream Stand

Now, if you’ve always wanted to know what goes on under the hood at one of the most successful ice cream stands in the United States, like Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill, you’ve come to the right place. 

If you’ve never been around Joe’s on Opening Day, well…it’s pretty frisky, to say the least.

And being ready for it so that we can pull it off while ticking off the fewest number of people, too.  

Oh, you’ll see….

But before I dive in, if you’re looking for all of the hottest ice cream trends in the industry as either a consumer or a business, even if you’re never going to come by to visit Joe’s in person, you definitely want to sign up for our Sundae Inside Scoop. 

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Ice Cream That’s Pretty Hot

 Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill has been featured in ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, Yahoo! News and more.  You could say we certainly know what we’re doing!

Joe's Dairy Bar and Grill News Media Icons

We’ve also pulled off a SUPER rare three-peat win (three years in a row) for the Best Ice Cream category for 101.5 WPDH’s “Battle of the Best.”

A BIG shout-out to WPDH, by the way, since it’s one of the biggest radio stations in the Hudson Valley, which is covers a huge stretch of the State of New York!


Joe's Dairy Bar and Grill Cake for 101.5 WPDH

Witness the cake we created for the Boris & Robyn Morning Show for 101.5 WPDH when we went to visit after winning the Battle of the Best. 

Pretty neat, huh?

Opening Day Grind

But it takes a LOT of work to get a multiple-award-winning ice cream stand like Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill ready for opening day, folks. 

After being closed for the winter, several months have gone by.  We’re starting from scratch!  Our business has gone from 360 to zero.  

And it’s a LOT of work to go back from zero to hero, even in the ice cream business, folks!  

It doesn’t matter if we were Dutchess County’s Best Ice Cream last year.

It’s all about what we do as we hustle through this year that matters now.


So what do we do?

Step 1:  Sanitize Everything

Of course, you’d expect that we’d go into the store and be sure to clean, repair and otherwise maintain everything as though we were going to get a white-glove inspection. 

And trust me, we do! 

We always expect that a representative from the Board of Health will be coming by, doing routine checks, spot checks, water tests and more.  

As a business run by scrupulously clean OCD freaks, we actually welcome that. 

We always want to be the best ice cream stand in Dutchess County…in our industry, really, no matter what.  

Luck favors the prepared and quite frankly, cleaner equipment yields tastier treats, both hot and cold.

But most people have no idea how intricate the soft serve machines alone can be.  

Take a look at all of this equipment!  

Teeny weeny rubber O-Rings to clean, lubricate and otherwise service.  

Every little itty bitty moving piece of these soft serve ice cream machines have to be broken down, sanitized and maintained. 

But this isn’t just done in preparation for Opening Day, folks.  

Daily to near-daily, each machine is broken down, cleaned and serviced. 


We at Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill want all of our customers to have delicious ice cream, both soft serve and hard, and making sure that NOTHING gritty or icky is gumming up the works of our machines is really key to delivering a smooth, creamy experience. 

When Good Ice Cream Goes Bad!

Here’s a little tip, JDB Family: If you’ve ever gotten ice cream from an ice cream stand (not ours, of course) that seemed discolored or had ice crystals in it—especially soft serve—it very likely came from a machine that needed to be serviced.

OR the product was in there for so long that it got beaten to a pulp. 

Either way?  Not good! 

As the best ice cream stand in Dutchess County, we flow far too much soft serve on the regular for the product to build up in our machines.

And we service our machines way too often for there to be any issues.  

So we can rest easy knowing that we’ve done our very best to dish out our multiple award-winning soft serve in its highest and best form.

And you can rest assured that you’re getting the best product in the best condition, possible!

But we’re not done in terms of getting ready for Opening Day, are we?  

Step 2: Prepare the Goodies

 Everything that we make on premises that’s scratch-made or close has to be made NOW. As in, before we open. We have such high volume that it’s no easy task to accomplish.

Opening Day can be huge, even if there’s half a foot of snow outside. People line up with their friends and loved ones. How can we ever let them down? Our love for our customers is huge!

So, we obsess over everything, from cold food treats to hot meals. We make the cookies, brownies and cakes from scratch. We make our cakes from our multiple-award-winning soft serve ice cream and some of the best hard ice cream around. We even bake some cakes to order. But in preparation for Opening Day it’s nearly impossible to make enough. We have crews come in to prepare everything long before the big day arrives, because after all, no one wants to stay in those long lines only to be told when it’s their turn to be served that we’re out of something they’ve been waiting for.

Step 3: Prepare the Staff

 We’re lucky. We have the best staff in the ice cream business. Once they start working at Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill, they typically stay working with us anywhere between five to ten years. You heard me right!

 The public loves them, and that’s because they’re bright, hardworking and most importantly, they care. But no matter how experienced anyone is, it’s good to touch base with everyone in advance to prepare for the new season.

 We go over the menu and review all of the newest treats…how they’re made and all the great ways to serve them up to the public. Then, of course we have to come up with a marketing plan to get the word out to the public about the newest treats in the first place.

Bonus Step: LOVE the customers!

 Wait. I’m 100% serious. Businesses work to produce things for people to purchase but do they LOVE those people? We really, really love the customers. We CARE!

We’re serving three generations of customers, so honestly, we’d BETTER care! We say all the time, without them, there’s no us. So, our love for our customers drives every single thing we do. Every single decision we make. We even poll them online to learn more about their likes and dislikes.

It’s critical to us that we get every interaction possible with them right.

It’s not enough for an ice cream stand owner to think of being competitive in terms of offerings, price and so on.

That’s so clinical. All business. What about personal?

Every single item we prepare, whether it’s on the grill or from the soft serve ice cream machines, is a potential edible love note that we serve up to our loyal community and we’re SO excited about getting it right.

We honestly believe that our love for our treat-eating tribe translates into a deeper kind of delicious.

When we call them our JDB Family, it’s something we sincerely mean.

We get excited when something we do excites them.

We’re honored when they bring their kids and grandkids over for a meal or a treat.

When they’re delighted, it’s a win. A huge win.

When they bring newbies to Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill to share the experience, we’re honored.

When they celebrate their good times and create memories that are connected to Joe’s, we’re thrilled beyond words.

Our customers are the most important people in the world to us.

Everything we do is expressly meant to please them. They’re loyal to us but believe me…we’re loyal to them right back. It’s a culinary love story, people!

Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill—over the top food for over the top memories! Come on by and make some of your BEST over-the-top memories with us!

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