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At Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill, we’re all about serving up over-the-top designer desserts so that you can create over-the-top memories.  You’ll want to see the HUGE Cake Gallery, BELOW!  When you’ve made your selection, check out our Custom Cake INFORMATION Form.  

We don’t just do ice cream cakes, though–we do baked ones and combination ice-cream-and-baked cakes, too! 

So be sure to scan our Cake Gallerybelow, BUT keep in mind: we can work with you to cook up your own unique creation, too!

We have different sized molds:  4″ round; 6″ round; 8″ round; 10″ round; heartrectanglesquare; 1/4 sheet; 1/2 sheet; egg (great for Easter cakes); three-dimensional mushroom/cupcake; and dome shape (perfect for globes; soccer balls; baseballs; basketballs; etc.). 

We also do tiered cakes, which are great for weddings and large parties!

Our talented Head Cake Designer, Susan McGivney, has an active hand in creating all of our cakes both baked and ice-cream-only and will work with you on the delectable design for your delicious creation.

Occasion Cakes



Chip Cookie

(Yes, safe for Fido to eat! Our dog cakes are made of vanilla soft serve ice cream and

are topped with dog treats and peanut butter).


Fourth of





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