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Use what you see below as your Custom INFORMATION Form when placing your Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill cake orders with our Designer Dessert Department. 

Keep in mind that you have NOT placed an order just because you emailed us what you’re looking for.  Tech glitches happen!  (*sighs*)  See how to get the proper order confirmation, below.

You’re always free to ask questions when you contact us to place your order, but using this document as a GUIDE will save you time and may answer a lot of questions up front, which will save you time when actually placing an order for a custom cake.  But how to do that?

You can place an order by calling 845-221-0488 and asking to speak with the Designer Dessert Department OR you can place an order via Facebook Messenger OR via Instagram DM [Direct Message].  You can certainly also contact us via email by clicking hereBut….

No matter what, if you call live, take the name of the person you placed the order with OR if you emailed OR DM’d us OR sent a Message to us, someone specifically needs to get back to you to confirm that your order was received and they should give you their name. 

Make sense?  🙂 


Now, on with the show…see below!  


This is the information you’ll have to have ready for us when you DO actually place your order with us.  But keep on scrolling on this page…there’s more!

Joe’s Dairy Bar & Grill, 550 Route 82, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533           845-221-0488

Customer Name:  

Pick Up Date:

Pick Up Time:  

Phone Number:

Please have the above information ready when placing your custom order and remember: when looking at the number of people fed per cake, these are merely estimates and can depend upon the size of each slice cut.

Custom cake orders can take between 24 to 48 hours to make, especially given all of the moving pieces discussed, below.  Keep that in mind when placing your order.

Also, if there’s something you don’t see either below or after visiting our Cakes Gallery, just use the below data as a guideline and ask for what you want.  It’s our pleasure to provide it.

NOW, the information below is for pricing/serving information so that when you DO actually place your order, you’ll be prepared! 

Always confirm pricing, though, because sometimes you’re adding on something that is an up-charge and these prices may not have that built in.  

Always confirm when the order is actually placed if there are any up-charges.  




6″ Round (feeds 6-8)  $24.99

8″ Round (feeds 10-12)  $29.99

10″ Round (feeds 12-16)  $39.99

8″ Heart (feeds 10-12)  $29.99

9″ Square (feeds 11-15)  $34.99

1/4 Sheet (feeds 25)  $49.99

1/2 Sheet (feeds 50)  $79.99; refundable deposit for Sheet Cake Support Board

Dog Cake  $7.99

Want your Soft Serve Ice Cream Cake to be made into a Freak Cake? (See our Freak Shakes page for inspiration) ADD  $10.00

Melting Cone Effect?  ADD $5.00

Unicorn Cake?  ADD $5.00


6″ Round (feeds 6-8)  $29.99

8″ Round (feeds 10-12)  $34.99

10″ Round (feeds 12-16)  $49.99

8″ Heart (feeds 10-12)  $34.99

9″ Square (feeds 11-15)  $39.99

1/4 Sheet (feeds 25)  $59.99

1/2 Sheet (feeds 50)  $95.99; refundable deposit for Sheet Cake Support Board

Want your Hard Ice Cream Cake to be made into a Freak Cake? (See our Freak Shakes page for inspiration) 

ADD  $10.00

Melting Cone Effect?  ADD $5.00

Unicorn Cake?  ADD $5.00


6″ Round (feeds 6-8)  $29.99

8″ Round (feeds 10-12)  $39.99

10″ Round (feeds 12-16)  $49.99

1/4 Sheet (feeds 25)  $74.99; refundable deposit for Sheet Cake Support Board

NOTE:  All cookies are fresh-baked on our property. (Yum).

What Ice Cream Flavors Do You Want?

For Soft Serve Ice Cream Cakes, your choices are limited to Vanilla and Chocolate.  


For Hard Ice Cream Cakes you get to choose from any of our hard ice cream flavors!  

Keep in mind, your ice cream cake can be made of all one flavor if you’re not into the idea of having two flavors.  

EX:  Mint Chocolate Chip Cake, Queen of Hearts Cake, etc.

What Frosting Do You Want?

All of our cakes are covered with Whipped Frosting Vanilla.  That’s included in the base cost of each cake that you order from us.

That said, we can do work in fondant to create very detailed images on your cake, but that will include an up-charge

Again, take a look at our Cakes Gallery for inspiration, but keep in mind, we can, within reason, do nearly anything you like.

What Filling Do You Want?

Ahhhhh…cake fillings. 

Maybe when it comes to other ice cream joints, you’re limited to chocolate cake crunch in the middle. 

And that is the default filling, for sure, at Joe’s. 

It’s popular.  It’s nice.  But… 

Maybe you want something different…edgy…creative….  You know…you

Well, then, you’ve come to the right place!

But, below is a list of the types of fillings that we often do at Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill.  Take a look….

Oh:  if you see “GF” that means the filling is, as far as we know, Gluten Free.  

Chocolate Cake Crunch

Oreo, Crushed

Hot Fudge (GF)

Strawberries (GF)

Chocolate Chips (GF)

Snickers (GF)

Peanut Butter (GF)

Bananas (GF) ADD $5.00

Reese’s Pieces (GF)

Peanut Butter Cups (GF)

Caramel (GF)

Butterscotch (GF)

M&M’s (GF)                                                           Cookie Dough

Wait.  Didn’t see what you want?

Now what?

You can take a look at other Toppings that we use here at Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill as inspiration for use as a filling in your cake. 

You can also just contact us and ask.  

Keep in mind, anything custom like this would involve an up-charge, but we do this sort of designer dessert work all the time, so if you don’t mind, we certainly don’t. 

Want Anything Written On It?

You don’t have to have anything written on your cake, but many people do opt to have our Designer Dessert Department place a written message on their cakes.

So what do you want your message to say? 

Please make sure you’ve double-checked the spelling of any names, etc.

Also, let us know what the color(s) of the written message should be.  

You can also choose different border colors for the piping that’s added to the cake, or it/they can be the same as the piping for the message itself. 

Just let us know.  Cool?

What Else Can We Do For You?

But wait! There’s more!

(If you want, of course).

Do you want your cake to have an edible image on it, from, say, a personal photo?  

Let us know and get ready to email the image you want used to us OR attach it to your Messenger communication to us OR Instagram DM [Direct Message].  

Do you want a fudge drip on your cake?

Do you want your cake to have sprinkles on top of it?

Are there any special instructions we should be aware of? 

Like, should the cake have a birthday theme, does the cake involve someone who has a favorite sport, club, hobby, etc.?  

Wow, there’s a lot of steps behind ordering a cake at Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill, right? 

Well, that’s only because we love you, that’s why.  You’re part of our JDB Family.  

Remember, there may or may not be up-charges involved for some of this stuff, so as you’re getting the name of the person who’s taking your order, confirm pricing and whether there are any up-charges involved.  We want you happy and fully informed!

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